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Welcome to our new website where you will find the best of what we are and the best of what we do.

We invite you to take a tour of all our sections, where you will find all our portfolio of solutions and services, know a little about who we are and where we are and you can get information with the best technology information and Openlink activities in all our locations.

Start by visiting the section KNOW OPENLINK, where you can know how long we have in the market, our Mission, Vision and Values that govern and characterize our corporate work.

In the SOLUTIONS section you will find the products that are part of our portfolio. Solutions in Connectivity, Collaboration, Security and Data Center are part of our experience, and in the hands of our manufacturers, who are our strategic allies, we bring our customers the best of these technologies.

Our NOC / SOC (Network and Security Operations Center) and CATS (Technical Assistance and Service Center) are included in the SERVICES section along with our other support and maintenance solutions, such as Technical Assistance, Flex on Demand and Flex Dedicated and Support Hours Plan.

Other services that you will find in this section are the Help Desk and Delegated Administration, which allows you to concentrate in a cost-effective way in the strategy and the missionary processes of the business, instead of in the day to day operation.

Specialized Technological Consultancy, Professional Services, Managed Services and O’Cloud by Openlink are also part of our portfolio and in the Services section, you can extend the information.

If you are already a customer of our CATS Openlink service you can enter our CUSTOMER SUPPORT section, open your task and our technical experts will contact you to solve your request.

Nowadays, we are present in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, from where we operate throughout the Caribbean, and Florida, from where we are starting activities in the United States. If you want to know exactly where we are located in these countries you can visit the CONTACT US section, where you can also get in touch with us by sending a message, which we will respond as soon as possible.

Finally, in this section NEWS, you will find the activities that we carry out in our branches or next to our manufacturers and allies, as well as the most relevant information and market trends. Follow us also on our Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook social networks, where you will also find relevant information.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your requirements. We want to be your technology partner and take your business to another dimension.