Support and Maintenance


CATS offers technical support with expertise in levels 1, 2 and 3, on-site support, SLA approach, KPIs and Customer Satisfaction Indicators. We offer the figure of Customer Service Manager who assures you the maximization in the use of the service, adding value to your business, provides advice on continuous improvement plans, contract life cycle information and installed base. We provide you with access to the CATS platform for incident reporting where you can track your case from its opening to its resolution.

Reactive service to attend to failures or incidents, ideal for clients that do not have contract support of their platforms and require support from OPENLINK for a diagnosis and isolation of the failure while restoring the availability of their services from your network. This service allows 100% remote attention for a level 1 diagnosis and on-site assistance for level 2 diagnoses.

Provides the availability of remote and / or on-site resources for attendance to failures or incidents that occur on the platform associated with a service level support agreement reactive with OPENLINK.

Is a flexible service model that gives your IT staff access to OPENLINK technical resources, which helps keeping your IT infrastructure fast and flexible enough to meet the continuous changes and requirements your business need.


Maintenance services are focused on ensuring the operational continuity of your platform through the concurrent planning of activities that allow you to apply improvements and keep the business stability in turn, so OPENLINK offers you maintenance in the different subsystems and architectures of your communications platform, these being Data Networks, Collaboration, Network Logic Security, Data Centers, Storage and Infrastructure.

Focused on correcting the defects present in different sub-systems and architectures of your communications platform.

Focused on keeping your platform in perfect condition according to your needs, both physical and logical, and keep it always updated according to the recommendations and best practices of our manufacturers, programming the cure of vulnerable points in a timely and low impact manner.